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Monster Career Ad Network - Monster CAN

Monster Career Ad Network - Monster CAN

Enhance your Monster Job Posting with targeted advertising on the Monster network and on Monster's diverse partner websites.

Monster Career Ad Network dynamically transforms your job posting into an online hiring ad and strategically places the ad where qualified job seekers spend their time online. When job seekers click on your ad, they'll be brought to your Monster Job Posting, where they can learn more about your job and apply online.

The information in your ad comes from your job posting. Just post your job and we'll do the rest. A sample ad is displayed at the right-hand side. The size and appearance of your ad will vary depending on the placement.

A Career Ad Network ad consists of:

  • A job title
  • Job location
  • A hyperlink to your Monster Job Posting

Note: In order to use Career Ad Network, a Job Posting is required.

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